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Asatru or Rune Books

Ross Shott's book has finally reached publication - The Dark Arts of Immortality: Transformation through War, Sex, & Magic. Here is the preview and order webpage:

It is currently available directly from the publisher at a discounted price of $15.50 (Resellers can get it at special wholesale prices). Phone orders can be placed by calling 1-888-280-7715 and using book ID # 33585. Within the next 30 days it will become available through major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Runa-Raven, etc. at the standard cover price of $18.49.

Helrunar by Jan Fries (Mandrake of Oxford Press)

Runes, an Introduction by Ralph W. Elliott
(My personal favorite). Most anything by Prof. R. I. Page (note that Page contests that runes were not used for formal magic purposes. Never-the-less, Page's books are still enourmously useful, He also has at least one book about Norse mythology).
submitted by anonymous

Steven Flowers, _Runes and Magic_
(you won't be able to find this at your library but you can special order it using a university press publication service. This book is not light reading. It's good stuff, but be prepared to fall asleep from time to time. For those of you who don't know, this is Edred Thorsson's first work).
submitted by anonymous

The Masks of Odin by Elsa-Brita Titchenell
I didn't like this book at all. It is largely based on the Theosophical Society's Philosophies. And in my opinion, the author makes wild leaps of logic with absolutely no way of backing any of her theories up. - Vithar H


Wiccan Books

Wiccan & Pagan Books for children - an extensive list of kid's books w/ a little blurb.
- from Covenant of the Goddess

Wicca, a Guide to the Solitary Practitioner by: Scott Cunningham
- A basic more or less Wiccan guide for the beginning pagan.
submitted by anonymous

Wicca, a further Guide to the Solitary Practitioner by: Scott Cunningham
- more of the same. More detail, not really tradition specific.
submitted by anonymous

The Witches Bible by: Janet and Stewart Farrar
- The Farrar's paint a beautiful picture with this book. Their personal charm and charisma come through. I found it to be a good book on Wicca. - Vithar H

The Spiral Dance by: Starhawk

The Pagan Family by: Ceisiwr Serith
- As the Pagan faith grows more children are being born and raised within Paganism. You will see a few guidelines and helpful hints on how to accomplish this task. This book has rituals and training exercises that work well with adults and children alike.
submitted by anonymous

Cirlce of the Cosmic Muse by: Maria Kay Simms
- This book is a comprehensive guide of rituals and charts that are equally impressive to both the Solitary and the Coven bound Pagan. It will show you the path of Initiation and Dedication and has simple rituals for healing, spiritual growth, prosperity etc. There are songs and symbols for all occasions.
submitted by anonymous

Eight Sabbats for Witches by: Janet & Stewart Farrar
- In this book are detailed rituals for each of the eight Sabbats: Thee festivals of the waxing and waning year, of deed-time, harvest and Samhain, of the Sun at his midsummer glory and his midwinter rebirth.
submitted by anonymous

Astral Projection by: Denning & Phillips
- This book is a complete and straightforward guide to Astral Projection, that age-old technique of out-of-body experience which is natural faculty of the human psyche. This book carries the individual through the essential stages offer growth and development of psychic potential necessary to achieve Astral Projection in full consciousness.
submitted by anonymous

Telepsychics by: Joseph Murphy
- These are easy to do programs to achieve results in unleashing your psychic powers to solve problems, prosper finances, reveal hidden talents, activate psychic protection, over come sickness, failure.
submitted by anonymous

Psychic Self-Defense and Well Being by: Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips
- This book explores the world of psychic warfare: showing the nature of genuine psychic attacks, the reality of psychic stress, the structure of the psyche and its inter-relationship with the physical body. It will help to develop aura ability and the inner eye or third eye.
submitted by anonymous

The Complete Book of: Incense, Oils & Brews by: Scott Cunningham
- This could best be describe as a cookbook of incense, oils and different combinations of brews use in spellworking and ritual. An easy to understand guide to making your own.
submitted by anonymous

The Book of Talismans, Amulets & Zodiacal Gems by: WillamThomas & Kate Pavitt
- The psychic and magnetic influence of Talismans and Gems. Talismans of primitive races: The Tau Cross, Talisman for Wisdom, Buddha’s Footprints, Bells, The Tiger, The Pear Charm, Egyptian beliefs, The Buckle of the Girdle of Isis, Gnosticism, The Orient, The Koran, and much more. This book is loaded with symbols and magical accounts.
submitted by anonymous

The Complete Book of Magical Names by: Phoenix McFarland
- This book is a complete guide to the non-Christian naming of your child. Or perhaps as you search for your magical name for ritual, you will find this a helpful tool in that quest. Everything from the Celtic, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Babylonian and other are here in this text.
submitted by anonymous

Ceremonial Magick


Hermetic Magick : The Postmodern Magical Papyrus of Abaris
                    By Stephen Flowers

This is yet another gem witten by Stephen Flowers. It was extremely well written with good historical references. The rituals and ceremonies within do not reflect todays version of Heremetics though. For the most part, the book touches on more of the actual roots of Heremtics rather than the fully blossomed Hermetics of today. The book is good, however, for those who wish to know about the true roots of Hermetics, for its use as a historical reference is one of the best I have read. Another thing that seemed to be askew was the constant references to the "Typhonian Tradition" which again does not reflect the Hermetics of today in that Typhon, better known as Set and Apophis, is villified in most major sects of Hermetic orders. At its best, this book is an invaluable historical reference about the roots of Hermetics. At its worst, it is a second rate paganizing of what Hermetics truly are.

written by Tarkken


Celtic / Druid Books

The Veil of Isis
Mysteries of the Druids
       By W. Winwood Reade

By far one of the best books on the actual structure of the Druidic Religion and the history surrounding it I have ever read. The writing style of the author can be a bit dry at times, but the subject matter more than makes up for it. This book gives an in depth look in to the schools of Druidism, the reasons for their rise and fall, and practices descended from the Druids. This book gives fascinating details about the true history of the Druids without leaving anything out. This book does seem to distance itself from neo-Celtic/Druidism, but does reference the remaining valid schools of Druidism. This book is a good buy for both the aspiring pagan and those mearly interested in the Druids of old. The only fault I can find in this book is the title which is very misleading. The only reference to the Veil of Isis is at the very beginning and end of the book, which really had very little to do with anything other than making an unusual analogy. So if you are looking for a good book on Druidism, then this should be on the top of your list.

Review by Tarkken


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