The Self-Dedication to Frey

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Materials: Strong, Dark Ale; a few grain of wheat, barley or Rye; An antler.

1.  The Hammer Signing
2.  Adoration to Sunna (appropriate to time of Rite, ideally midday)
3.  Elhaz Rite

Hallowing: (Light the Candles on the V in the order: Black, Red, White.)

"I light the Way the Worlds between,
my call in kindled flame.
Show bright the path shine bright for him,
whom my heart hails forth."

Reading: The petitioner must choose a section of lore that is applicable to entreating Fro Ing's patronage.

Rede: Personal statement of purpose of Rite. ( ex. I have begun this Rite to request of Fro Ing, his patronage, and dedicate my spirit to him.)



(Stand in Elhaz, Facing West)

"Son of Nerthus! Njrr's son,
Freer of fetters, hear me!
Battle-boar shining, bright in the darkness,
swine-mounted, ship-keeper, hear me!
Alf-god and howe-god, holy clan's father,
from mound and might-steads, hear me!
King of the land, kin-ruler's wisdom,
awesome in Alf-home, hear me!
God's blessing-maker, given as oath-bond,
Fro of the frith-stead, hear me!
Gold-giver, grain-giver, grith ever warding,
armed with thy antler, hear me!
To middle-garth's ring I rown thee forth,
on Gold-bristled's back, bright one, to me!
Wan-god mighty, wend they way here,
I call thee at need, come here to my stead.
To middle-garth's ring I rown thee forth,
faring from Alf-Home, Fro Ing, to me!



(Fill the Horn with Dark Ale)

"I bid thee with horn of holy drink,
Welcome, thou frith-full one, Fro Ing! to me!

( Take a moment to feel the presence of the god)


"Lord Freyr this horn is hallowed to thee,
blessed I raise it, and bid thee to share."

(Pour a draught into the blessing bowl west of the harrow. Then drink some yourself. Repeat 2 more times, emptying the horn on the last draught)



(Look deep into the Ale in the blessing bowl. Hold the wheat, Rye, or Barley in your left hand, and the antler in your right hand.)

"Freyr, god of two tribes, I bid you accept my love for you,
grant me your counsel, give me your heed.
I give you my spirit, great god of the free,
I pledge you my body, to use as you need.
Show me your judgement, I ask now of you!

(Continue looking into the Ale, open your mind to images from Fro Ing. What you receive is personal, and may not be meant for others to know. Freyr will now let you know if your dedication to him is acceptable. You may be shown a price to pay for his patronage. You may be shown a course of action to pursue. You may be moved to utter more oaths…)

Giving: Take the Blessing Bowl outside. Using your bare hands, dig a hole in the ground, thinking of Fro Ing's association with the Howe and the Harvest. As your pour the Ale into the Hole (dug toward the West) say:

"God of the Harvest I give this ale to thee,
Welcome art ever, Wan-god, beloved,
holy within my hall.
Hail in thy coming, hail in thy guesting.
Fare when thou wish'st to fare,
while when it be thy will.

Leaving: When you receive a response from Freyr, be it positive or negative, the Rite is done. You may tap three times on the ground with your fist, and depart when your feel ready.