The Heathen Kinship

Bylaws of The Heathen Kinship
(bylaws revised and passed 8/08/14)

1.        The Godhi’s and Gydhja’s shall comprise a body known as the Council of Gothar.  The IrminGodhi/Gydhja will head this council.  This council will set forth; ethical guidelines, curriculums of study, appointment/removal of new Godhi’s/Gydhja’s, and shall handle any other duties pertaining to the spiritual integrity and security of the Folk. 

2.        The different guilds within The Heathen Kinship shall have the power to elect leaders, set guild by-laws, and establish their own training programs, as long as they do not violate the Heathen Kinship by-laws, creed, or code.   

3.        Councils and Guilds will keep the Folk updated as to the different activities / issues going on at the minimum of once a month. 

4.        There must be a specific curriculum made available to all members, which explains exactly what they will need to do to gain membership inside the various guilds or councils.  Similarly, all Novices and prospective Novices should also know what steps need to be taken to become a full member.  

5.        Any Guildhall may be set-aside/disbanded by a majority vote of the Folk, with the exception of the Council of Gothar.  This Council cannot be disbanded, but all actions may be questioned, as this body exist for the betterment of the Folk.  Any Council or Guild member may be discharged from their duties by an 80% vote of the Folk, or by their resignation.  Those discharged shall be discharged for a period of not less than six months. 

6.        Any Member may address grievances with any one Member or decision of the Councils / Guilds.  Any Member may call a Moot or wait until Thing to address these concerns.  It is hoped that differences between individuals can be solved through personal mediation.  We prefer individuals attempt to resolve their differences in person before calling a moot, or bringing the issue to Thing.

7.        The overall goal of the Heathen Kinship is to bring back the awareness of the Old Gods to the general public.  To provide a place and format for Asatruar to honor the gods by following the traditions of the Great Blessings of the Year, and to provide a happy, healthy, heathen environment that is family oriented and attuned to today’s concerns. 

8.     Acceptance to The Heathen Kinship as a Novice is decided by a majority vote by the Council of Gothar.

9.     Acceptance to The Heathen Kinship as a Full member (Folk) is decided by an 80% vote of a quorum of the Folk.  The vote can only take place at one of the 8 Great Blessing of the year, and after the novice has completed all the Membership requirements.  A Quorum of he folk is defined as 75% or more of the members that are in good standing.

9. a. A Novice must have been a novice of the Heathen Kinship for one full year before a vote can take place for full membership. This time requirement may be disregarded by a unanimous vote of the council of Gothar.

10.    Full Members in good standing or bad may be removed from the Heathen Kinship by a vote of no confidence meeting or exceeding 80% of a Quorum of the folk at any of the 8 Great Blessings of the year, providing prior discussions and mediation attempts have been made.  Prior discussion and mediation attempts will consist of a meeting with the member in question and a Godhi present wherein the points of contention are discussed and a solution is sought.  If the person in question is not available for such a meeting, then the meeting requirement may be waived if reasonable attempts have been made to schedule a time and place in regards to the member in question being able to attend.

11.     Full members are considered NOT to be in good standing if they attend less than 50% of the Eight Great Blessings of the Heathen Kinship.  Members not in good standing lose their rights to vote. The Secretary will be responsible for tracking who may vote.

12.     President – Handles all corporate matters including, but not limited to, organizing finances of the church, planning financial goals and milestones, appointing  representatives to organize functions involving press releases and other exterior functions that are not covered by the IrminGodhi/Gydhja.  (Vithar has been voted in as President as of 8/8/2014)  (Sigfrith has been appointed Kindred Liason as of 8/9/2014)

13.     Vice-President / Secretary – These offices shall be combined and will assist the President and Treasurer in record keeping and maintaining formal meeting minutes.  Maintains calendar of social events, membership forms, bylaws, and all paperwork pertaining to the church.  Maintains records of attendance with regard to which members are in good standing and thereby eligible to vote.  (Simon has been voted Secretary as of 8/8/2014)

14.     Treasurer- maintains balances of all church accounts.  Keeps records of weekly income from donations and makes deposits of funds.  Organizes accounts in regards to all “guild” incomes.   Coordinates with Secretary before business meetings (moots or things) in order to verify who is eligible to vote.  (Matt has been voted Treasurer as of 8/8/2014)

15.  Kindred member (and novice) dues are $5.00 per month.  Dues must be current in order to be considered a member in good standing.

IrminGodhi/Gydhja – 

Presiding Godhi/Gydhja over the Council of Gothar. The IrminGodhi or Gydhja will act as chairperson during meetings of the Council of Gothar.  The IrminGodhi or Gydhja will have 2 votes during Council votes. This is intentionally designed so that the IrminGodhi or Gydhja's vote will carry extra weight.  The current IrminGodhi or Gydhja may designate someone to replace them upon death.  In Addition to fulfilling the studies and obligations necessary to become a Godhi or Gydhja, to qualify for the title of IrminGydhja or Godhi, the Gydhja in question must demonstrate unquestioned loyalty to The Heathen Kinship and have made a contribution to the Kindred over and beyond the obligations of a regular Godhi or Gydhja.

Council of Gothar

The Gothar is the collective body of Godhi and Gydhja whose sphere of control relates directly to all matters spiritual:  Proper performance, observation of the blessings, blots, and rites performed by The Heathen Kinship or for members of the Kinship.  The Gothar shall also be responsible for Instruction of Novices, explanations to the general public, public relations and explanations about Asatrú to the pagan community. Godhi's and Gydhjas shall also plan and oversee events, and announcements of events to the pagan community. Also referred to as the High Rede.


Priest of Asatru. Appointed by Council of Gothar to members in good standing who have completed all the training curriculum for Godhi or Gydhja as set forth by the Council of Gothar.


Folk Member, who is empowered by the Thane Guild, to run the Thane Guild.  This individual will set forth the directives & missions of the Thane guild, as well as certify and set training standards / titles for the members of this Guild.


Folk Member, who is empowered by the Baendr’s Hall, to run the Production Guilds.  This individual will set forth the directives & mission of the Production guilds, as well as certify and set training standards / titles for the members of this Hall. 


A Member in good standing, who has completed the novitiate training, taken the Oath of membership, and participates in the Great Blessings of the year.  Members in bad standing will have their voting privileges suspended, until such time as they are determined to be members in good standing by the High Rede. 


An applicant for membership in the Heathen Kinship.  One must be a Novice for at least a year before being accepted as a Full Member.  This is designed so that the Novice will have a chance to make sure that they fit with the group before becoming an actual member.  During this time the Novice will have all the privileges of a full member except voting & holding any official position on any council or offices.   Novices may start a probationary Guild, at their time of membership—the founding novice—or novice in charge will assume Mastery of said Guild.  The Novice may attend any and all meetings open to a full member, and they will be afforded the right to offer their opinions without the privilege of a vote.  In this way we hope that the Membership and the Novice will get to know each other personally, for better or worse, before Oathing as a Full Member.  (see more about oathing)


A quorum shall consist of no less than 75% of the voting membership present, but only if reasonable efforts have been made to notify all of the membership of the upcoming meeting.

The Heathen Kinship Code

The Heathen Kinship Creed

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