Midsummer Celebration 2009

Heathen Kinship Asatru kindred Midsummer Blessing celebration of pagan festival
The Gothi blesses one of the Thane's many edged implements.


heathen blessing of Midsummer during pagan festival religious rite
Gothi is performing the Hammer Rite, a ceremony we do to set aside a particular time and place as sacred and holy. Here, he is in the process of drawing a line of energy down to the ground where he will make the sign of a hammer and extend energy closing off a circle of positive energy in which we will stay while we perform our religious festival and honor the gods.


Religious festival for Asatru Kindred of Houston, TX performing pagan rite to honor Odin, Thor, Forseti, Frigga, Frey, and Freyja
It looks like here we have called upon the gods to be present and join us in a drink. In a tradition that has been passed down for 6,000 years or longer we believe the mead is made holy when the gods are offered part of it and that they spiritually share this drink with us. The words spoken now reverberate throughout the Nine Worlds, sharing time and space with the gods, and all the words said during sacred moments.


Asatru Kindred in Houston, TX performing sacred ceremony to honor the gods in 2009
When we lift up the horn and drink of the blessed mead, which has been offered to the gods, we are sharing life and spirit with them, much as we would when raising a toast with a bunch of friends here on Midgard.

See a video of the Thane's axe "Trollbiter" being named and blessed.

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